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Save more with Express Groceries!! We give you the lowest prices on all your grocery needs.

Why Choose Us?

NANA EXPRESS GROCERIES is a first class grocery shop and online grocery market in Ghana, it was founded with a simple idea—
• To make retail/wholesale shopping easy, convenient, and fun.
• To help our farmers and market women grow their business, have access to ready market, reduce their post-harvest losses.

Customers can Shop from our online shop www.nanaexpressgroceries.com or send your list through whatsup 0246873970 and sit back and relax while we do all the shopping, packing and transporting. Nationwide delivery is also now available to anywhere in Ghana.

Healthy and fresh foods.
Affordable and well packaging.
Reduce hussle and save time in your busy day by day having your home, condo or suite stocked with groceries and beverages!
Delivery at your doorstep.
Never run out of essential items with repeat weekly order.
Refer a friends and receive 10% off delivery charge.
No other fast and friendly service in town.

What We Provide?

The best fresh foods and delivery at your doorstep.

Best Prices & Offers

This is your one stop shop for all your shopping needs with the best of prices offered.

Wide Assortment

There is a wide range of products to choose from with different categories.

Easy Returns

Be assured that if your order is not delivered, you won’t have any challenges getting your money back.

Make an Order Today & Expect Next Day Delivery

We expect to deliver your shopping to your doorstep the next day after your order is made from our online shop.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We feature a great selection on high-quality merchandise, friendly service. We bring you the best shopping experience on the internet.

Great Daily Deals Discount

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Our Team

Ruth Nana Sarpong

Ruth Nana Sarpong

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